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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is shipping?
Shipping cost is calculated by UPS and is generally $15-20 in the continental US. Shipping cost in Canada is determined by your location in Canada. We ship from a warehouse in Edmonton, AB. If you physically pick up your products from Edmonton, there is no shipping fee. Our website will charge Canadian orders 12% higher than the listed price to cover our cost of shipping and customs from the US to Edmonton. Shipping from Edmonton will cost $10-$60 depending on your location.
How long will delivery take?
Delivery time depends on stock and location. If the parts you order are in stock, delivery is within 1 weeks for the continental US and Canada. If the parts are not in stock, it can take up to 4 weeks. TigerTails and the receiver mounts are almost always in stock unless noted on the website. If something is not in stock, we will contact you and give you the option to cancel your order for a full refund.
Is purchasing secure?
This site uses SSL to ensure a secure purchase.
Are other colors available?
Currently TigerTail is only offered in either black or orange, and both have orange rope.
Why do I need to purchase a custom mount with a TigerTail?
There are various designs of hitches from all manufacturers, and that requires a unique mount design in order to securely install the TigerTail.
What is the rope made of?
The rope is synthetic with a wear resistance coating.
Why not use a winch on the rear instead?
The TigerTail offers many advantages over the use of an ATV Winch: Winches are not designed for towing. Towing with your winch will quickly damage or destroy the winch. Winches are electrical and frequently burn out, rendering their $300-$450 value completely useless. After all, it is a well known fact that faulty winch solenoids have caused fires. The TigerTail does not use electrical power; it is completely mechanical making it simple and easy for self service.
How can the spool handle the towing forces?
The rope is attached to the 3/4" steel shaft with no load applied to the spool. The spring does not see any loads other than the shaft rotating. Once the rope is pulled all the way out the shaft does not rotate any more so the spring does not see any more force, regardless of how hard the rope is being pulled.
Are they easy to take on and off?
If the mount is a male receiver style, then the mount and TigerTail can very easily be removed by taking out the pin. If the mount is a style that is bolted to your hitch, it comes with a 1-1/4" female receiver that can be used with the TigerTail still installed, so there is no need to take the TigerTail off.
Are these available at ATV events?
We do go to some ATV rally events.
What if I break a component?
The TigerTail is fully serviceable with free service instructions. All components can be purchased from our website individually if you manage to break something, which would be hard to do with the TigerTails very robust design!
Can you "snatch" with the TigerTail?
The TigerTail AT rope has an average break strength of 8000 lbs which means that its "working load" is about 1600 lbs (working load = 1/5 of average break strength of a rope/ strap). The TigerTail UT rope has an average break strength of 12000 lbs which means that its "working load" is about 2400 lbs. As long as you do not exceed the working load of the rope while its in a good condition, it will not break. The rope stretches a few to several inches when fully loaded, so it will have a little "stored energy" to yank (or snatch) the stuck vehicle out. As with any tow rope, for safety we recommend that no vehicle exceeds 5mph when towing
What are the specs on the ropes?
The TigerTail rope is a high tenacity polyester (fully synthetic so it will not rot) single braid which offers a single end per carrier construction to keep the rope from flattening out in service. The rope has a proprietary coating made up of urethane. Rope has minimal stretch at working load limit. 7/16" and 1/2" rope strength is approximately 8000 & 12000 lbs respectively.
Can I get a custom length rope?
1) You can double it back to make it half as long or 7.5 feet (see this video). 2) You can buy a TigerTail and then cut and re-stitch the rope end (see rope service instructions). 3) You can request a custom TigerTail AT with a specified rope length that is less than 15' for a $25 fee.
Can I be a dealer?
The TigerTails and adjustable mounts are available to dealers through distributors in the US and Canada, including Western Power Sports (WPS), Marshall, Gamma, ITL, and Canada UTV. If you are not a regular dealer that works with distributors, we may still consider working with you. The first step is to fill out the dealer application form (http://tigertail.us/dealers). If accepted you would need to place a first order of at least $1000 in product.