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“Love my tiger tail. One of my best mods. I use the tiger tail 10 times more than my front Warn Winch. It's great when you're out with the kids when they have smaller, less than capable ATV's. I used to avoid some water spots and trails knowing my son would get stuck and how much of a pain it was to get the straps out and pull him along. Now its sooo simple, and he hooks himself up, I pull him out, he unhooks and off we go.”

M. Mags,

"As a proud owner of a tiger tail tow system, I wouldn't go anywhere without it... especially if you need to anchor to a tree to winch someone out... they are very handy and store out of the way when not in use! I think every rider should own one."

Liz S, Canada

"I first had the Tiger Tail demonstrated to me, live in the woods when I needed help. So, I bought one. As an older man with arthritis, I simply back up to the person needing a tow or tug out of the mud, they grab my Tiger Tail and attach it to their atv. No muss, no fuss! I'm seriously thinking of installing another in the front of my atv where my radiator was before I relocated it to my front rack."

Robert D, North Carolina

On my last ride out, I used the TigerTail all day long. It works likes magic! People kept stopping me to look at the unit. You guys will be selling a lot of these. I can’t wait for the next ride.

Jose I, Florida

"I have used my TigerTail on nearly every ride. With my two kids always finding deeper and deeper mud, I am constantly pulling them out. Next to a rack bag full of food, this is the most family friendly accessory that I have ever used. Great product!"

Mike T, Arkansas

"Me and my wife attend atv events all the time and after seeing a few people with the tigertail system, I can't see myself unrolling another winch again. I've spoken with a couple of others with a TigerTail and like I imagined they couldn't tell me anything negative. I honestly can't believe I didn't already have one. Thanks for the product!">Jason S. Georgia

When you get it you'll wonder why you never got one before. Love mine, had it five years, no issues”

A. Knutson, Minneapolis, MN

I gotta say, I like it a lot. I love the way it constantly soaks up the slack. And it's so much more convenient that getting the strap out, securing it twice, and then stowing it when done.

Kerry K, Arkansas

My son and I purchased new ATV's this year to start spending some time on the trails. Instead, I found myself spending most of my time getting him unstuck from creeks, mud holes or anything he can find to get stuck in. After a few trips of having mud slung all over me or wet feet from pushing him out, I found the Tigertail Tow System. No matter what situation my son gets himself into, I'm able to pull him out without leaving my seat. This has made my ATV trips more enjoyable and clean. Excellent Tow System.

Jim M., Mackinaw, Illinois .

Was out in the Alaskan wilderness moose hunting this year and our hunting spot was right outside Denali National park.  This is some of the most grueling terrain I have ever rode an ATV, let alone hunted.  I tried to be proactive and brought a 8000lb tow strap just in case.  My nightmare came true and one of the quads broke down.  We were approximately 12 miles in the back country.  I tried using the tow strap, but the over-sized hook didn't want to fit properly and if any slack got into the strap, it would roll up in the tires.  We had to pull the quad out with our winch cable.  We ended up burning one winch out and breaking the other cable a couple times before getting to the truck.  Long story short and around $800 for new cables, CV boot covers, and winch, I find this product after-the-fact.  I sure wish I knew about this product before my hunt.  Some equipment is worth more than its cost, I would have to rank this product and my GPS in that category.

Paul M., Alaska

Great product, and these guys stand behind their product. Had one for five years.great great great.

J. Noblett, USA